A services listing never quite adds up to a complete picture of what we do. They overlap, they compliment, and rarely stand alone in any client engagement. But it’s a fine place to start to answer the question we hear all the time, “So, what do you guys do?”

Research and Assessment

Using surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups or market assessments, we can help you gather the information you need to see the challenges and the opportunities in clear, actionable terms.

Interactive Strategy

A strategy is built from the ground up. So we start there—listening and learning, questioning assumptions and testing theories. From that foundation a strategy emerges supported by critical tactics—technical and otherwise. It’s likely to incorporate the services you see here, balanced by specific recommendations on implementing within your operation.

Interaction Design

Another big category. It’s where tech meets touch, where media is put to work in service of a business goal or a communication need. The essential take-away here is this: Intuitive and satisfying interactions are the product of determined investigation and experimentation. So that’s what we do.

Services user interface

User Interface Design

This is a process that runs on a parallel with understanding how people interact with a technology solution. It’s design that matches what a machine does with what a human wants.

Application Development

From iOS to web, from ecommerce to responsive design, from global mapping solutions to the simplest of web animations, we understand the tools and believe in what they can accomplish.

Services usability

Usability testing

This is more than showing some boards and asking a few questions, or asking the boss what he or she thinks. It’s a disciplined approach that incorporates full usability testing and analysis. As you’ve read elsewhere in our site, the users are always right.

Services seo

SEO / SEM Strategy and Management

There is a rich data stream available to help you diagnose, compare, and improve the performance of your websites. It’s about search, it’s about social, it’s big data and granular analysis. And we do it all.